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Association of International Educators (NAFSA)
"Be a strong advocate for public policies that promote a better
world through international education and exchange."

Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor (COCAL)
"Working to improve higher education through the collective
achievement of job reliability, livable wages, academic freedom,
for contingent academic laborers."

Adjunct List
Subscribe to this active list dealing with adjunct issues by filling
out the form at this link.

Adjunct Nation
Serving adjuncts with resources including news, blogs, columns,
analysis, newsletters, job tools and lists.

American Association of University Professors
The AAUP 'issue' page on 'contingent' adjunct faculty positions.

New Faculty Majority
Advancing professional equity for adjunct and contingent faculty.

Adunct Study
Adjunct instructors are depressed, stressed and anxious, says this
research paper published by Frontiers in Psychology.


College-Level Examination Program
CLEP exams test mastery of material for college credit.

FAFSA - US Federal Student Aid
Free student financial aid application assistance.

Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act Regulations


Free-Use Materials
Archive of teaching materials free to modify and repurpose.
Marketing, management, business, communications, etc.
A free-access education project with 300+ university, K12
and career-development courses available online in general
education, art history, biology, business, K-12 English and math,
workplace and career skills -- all at no charge, supported by the
Saylor Foundation.

Sample Core Course in Public Relations
A free upper-division course preparing students to conduct
public relations suitable for small start-up businesses,
social programs, personal development, and other outreach projects.

Sample Certificate Course in Customer Service
A free elementary course designed to teach about the customer
service work environment, methods for successful customer
relations, and career advancement tactics.

Saylor Academy
Nearly 100 free and online full-length courses at the colleg and
provessional level, open to all who want to learn.

YouTube Lecture Library
Thousands of video lectures and clarifications can be found on
YouTube, including these clips covering topics of marketing
fundamentals, business writing, and more. Feel free to link to them.

Open Courseware Consortium
Free worldwide digital library of quality higher educational course
materials, available in a number of languages.

Academic Earth
A comprehensive collection of more than 750 free online college
courses from the world's top universities including MIT, Harvard,
Yale, Stanford, Berkeley, and more.

edX Platform
A nonprofit open source platform for world institutions including
Harvard and MIT offering free courses and certificates.

Education company offering 400+ free courses from 80+ partners.

Free interacftive college classes, heavy on tech and science.

World Science University
Free resources and courses for 'immersing yourself in the world of

Open Culture
Links to 1,000s of free online courses, MOOCs, movies, audio and
e-books, textbooks, language lessons, K-12 education.


Hopes and Hazards of Transculturalism
Methods for using transcultural tactics in international
classrooms. UNESCO Prospects article by Steven R. Van Hook.

Isolation of Adjunct Faculty
Researcher Véra Dolan prepared this article on 'The Isolation of
Adjunct Faculty and its Impact on their Performance'; published by
International Review of Research in Open & Distance Learning.

The Adjunct Faculty Handbook
This flier describes a Sage published manual especially useful
for aspiring or newly assigned adjuncts.

International Learning: Organization, Visions, and Missions
A research paper examining challenges, objectives, goals,
strategies and tactics facing international education stakeholders.
ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED525287.

New Models in Transcultural Learning Institutions
A research paper covering drivers and issues in academic
governance, funding, faculty, technologies and curricula.
ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED525286.

Virtual Reality for Actual Learning
The creative and educational possibilities of virtual world Second
Life through the eyes of research avatar lolli Sapphire. University
of Florida master's capstone project by Christie Tomlin Knoll.

Universal Learning at a Distance
Now in this revolutionary digital age, we have the technological
means to provide unparalleled knowledge access to all.
By S. Van Hook in the Journal of Distance Learning Administration.

Transcending Culture in International Classrooms
A video summary of a publications, presentations and seminars on
research and methods to work with multicultural classrooms.

Dealing with Disruptive Students
A video summary of presentations and seminars serving instructors
new to possible classroom challenges.

The Wheels on the Bus Roll Over Adjuncts
This anonymous adjunct writes that when you're where the rubber
meets you road, you sometimes become road kill.

Theories of Intelligence, Learning, and Motivation
Modes of learning, applied to intentions of self-actualization,
empowered by the sacrament of teaching. ERIC Document 
Reproduction Service No. ED501698.

MOOCs & Beyond: The Revolution to Come
A scholary assessment of massive-open-online-courses; the
players, the pitfalls, the possibilities.

How-To Teach
Practical free how-to articles written by professional instructors.

Teaching Videos
YouTube clips of teachers at work.

Blended Synchronous Learning
Australian study on real-time learning for distributed learners through
videoconferencing, web conferencing, and 3D virtual worlds; covered
in a handy Handbook for Educators.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural
Organization provides a searchable online library full of resources
useful to international educators and researchers.

U.S Department of Education
Facts, figures, research, best practices, evaluation and performance
data provided in a searchable database.

ERIC - Education Resources Information Center
A comprehensive searchable database of articles including
full-text and peer-reviewed, on most any aspect of learning from
early-childhood to higher education.

A nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher
education through the use of information technology, with a
searchable library on related topics.


How-To Marketing
A range of succinct articles written by professional marketers.

About Public Relations
Brief how-to articles prepared by professional PR practioners.

Fundamental Marketing Concepts (video)
Short video summary of key marketing terms and concepts.

Effective Marketing Appeals & Tactics (video)
Video clip on how to win attention and make the sale.

Best Business Writing Tips (video)
Six best ways to improve your writing -- right now.

Cross-Cultural Communications (video)
How to create messages that resonate across cultural differences.

Publics, Demographics & Segmentation (video)
Who we might target, and how we might target them.

Social Marketing (video)
How to use marketing tactics to sell ideas and campaigns.

Interview on Search Engine Optimization (video)
An SEO expert provides insights into his tricks of the trade.

Interview on Website Design (video)
A professional website developer talks best practices and trends.


CIA WorldFactbook
Demographic, political, economic data on 100s of countries.

Global Trends 2040
Sweeping predictions of the world ahead.

US Bureau of Labor Statistics for Teachers/Students
Data for career exploration, employment stats, wages.

US Department of State (Travel Advisories)
Information on international travel, passports, visas, etc.

Who Owns What Media
Published by CJR to support journalism in service of a free society.

Transnational Organizations (database)
International, global, governmental and NGO programs,
with direct links to their job pages.

Council on Foreign Relations
Nonpartisan think tank and publisher on international affairs.

Electronic Embassy
The Internet home of most of the world's embassies based in D.C.

Export-Import Bank
Agency supporting export of U.S. goods and services abroad.

Foreign Affairs
Foreign policy forum published by Council on Foreign Relations.

Foreign Policy Association
Promotes citizen participation in nonpartisan global policy process.

International Labour Organization
Founded to ensure universal lasting peace through social justice.

United Nations Declaration of Human Rights
U.N. called for this to be expounded in all schools of the world.

Sister Cities International
"Connect globally. 140 countries. Unlimited possibilities."

Transparency International
The global coalition against corruption.

United Nations
193 member states to promote peace, conquer poverty and illteracy.

World Bank Group
Two goals: End extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity.

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