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Educare Research inc (ERi) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) research think-tank promoting resources for independent international educators, transcultural teaching methods, and appropriate educational technologies; to expand accessible learning opportunities for a global student body.


Transcultural Teaching in Multicultural Classrooms
Certain themes and images can help to transcend cultural differences in international settings. Check the video example.

TabletPlatform Demos and Sandboxes
Practice learning platforms and course demos might help you prepare for an a upcoming teaching assignment, and also boost your resume.

Brevity is Best for Online Lectures
Take a lesson from some of the best as you produce your own video lectures: keep it brief and bouncy.

Massive Mess
MOOCs may better serve a global student body as ROOCs, adjusted for what really empowers individual participants.

neuronMoribund Academia as a Change Leader
The challenges we face in a transforming academia foreshadow what is already happening just about everywhere else.

Educational Courses by Cellphone
There are more than 6-billion mobile phones globally 5-billion in developing countries short on bandwidth. Education should connect with that.

Sakura classroom
Virtual Schools for All?
Technology will inevitably allow broadband access and vast sensational flow, where we can create a sense of place for isolated peoples and students.

A Delcaration of Educator Independence
I'm not an appendage, or a contingency, nor even an employee. I'm an independent educator who happens to do other things.


Steven R. Van HookSteven R. Van Hook, PhD is President, CEO and principal researcher of ERi. He specializes in transcultural teaching methods for multicultural onground and online courses, strategies in distance learning, instructor development, course design, and immersive virtual learning environments. Steven has published scholarly journal articles, and has designed international programs and courses for the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB), California Lutheran University, Cardean Learning Group, Saylor University, and elsewhere. (more)

Lori DearmanBoard Vice-Chair
Lori Dearman, MA is a seasoned international educator and administrator, as well as a pioneer and long-time advocate for online learning and communication. She has experience in international education, program direction, recruiting, promotion, budgetary oversight, program evaluation, instructor training, curriculum and course development, classroom instruction, online instruction, student advising, and internship placement. 

Sue LeeBoard Secretary-Treasurer
Sue Lee, RN
is a health care provider recognized for Honor's Projects teaching primary and secondary school students, and with her husband develops websites on sustainable living, healthcare, and educational topics. She has provided nursing services for youth programs in Arizona including children of wounded soliders, has long cared for animals, and has sailed international waters.

Jennifer TumanBoard Member
Jennifer Tuman, PhD
has a doctorate in Human Development, with international teaching and advising experience at Renmin University of China, the Monterey Institute of International Studies, Royal University of Bhutan, the University of Lodz in Poland, Kwansei Gakuin University in Japan, Samsung Group in Korea, and was a Peace Corps volunteer in Skopje, Macedonia.

Vera DolanBoard Member
Véra Dolan (PhD)
is a Brazilian-Canadian educator who has devoted many years to the delivery and improvement of online education. She has also worked as a faculty mentor, guiding and supporting hundreds of instructors, particularly regarding cross-cultural issues in teaching. She has published scholarly articles, and received her PhD in Higher Education at the University of Toronto/OISE.

Chris TuckerBoard Member
Chris Tucker has worked in marketing on the internet since 1996 and is the President of RightNow Communications, providing international search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), copywriting services, and is a supporter of nonprofit causes. He was a student of Native American Studies at the University of Montana, and is an avid sailor.

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