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Platform Demos and Sandboxes

by Steven R. Van Hook, PhD

TabletIn the near future, we will be expanding our learning platform resources with sandbox practice areas for instructors to experiment on a number of different programs.

By hosting program demonstrations and sandbox zones, we can provide ‘best-practice arenas’ for instructors and students, beyond what their own institutions may be offering.

This service may help enable instructors to:
 1) select an appropriate platform for their own needs,
 2) prepare for an upcoming assignment on a particular platform,
 3) add a variety of platform experience to their resume/CV

One of our board members correctly compared it to the kind of software training a temp agency might provide workers making them more employable.
We have already posted platform demonstrations of a Customer Service course on different platforms, demonstrating low-, medium-, and high-bandwidth delivery (WordPress, Moodle, SMF, Google Apps, and a virtual world learning center in Second Life).

The reasons for using the Customer Service course for demonstrations are:
1) these are course materials I developed under a Creative Commons license, so it’s fair use; 2) the course demonstrates multimedia integration of video, audio, print; 3) the materials are suitable and perhaps even useful for a range of students from high-school dropouts, to PhD grads looking for a part-time job until the ‘real’ thing comes along.

Please help yourself to these resources, and watch for developments in the weeks ahead.

~ Steve

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