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Instructors using the free-of-charge Google Groups
for class discussions may be in violation of FERPA regulations
protecting the privacy of students.

See Google privacy policies to count the myriad ways FERPA
might frown. Certainly mandating participation in discussions
that echo beyond the course environment may be off-putting
to the students and instructors.

Google does offer free Google Apps for Education to qualifying
participants, safe from the target-marketing onslaught common
throughout Googledom. It does take an application and review process.


Demonstration Google Apps Course
A four-unit demonstration course in customer service.

Google Apps Practice Area
Practice site design in the sandbox area. Contact us for access.

Google Groups
Easy and free setup for groups, discussions, etc. See note above.

Google Apps for Education
Similar to Google Groups with privacy protections.

Google Course Builder
A free open-source course platform, that can be hosted on the
slightly bewildering Google App Engine.

Google Sites Help Pages
How to use Google Sites within Google Apps.
A nonprofit edX platform with Google to host courses.

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